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  1. Vixx Scenario blog. All my scenarios/stories are products of my overactive imagination. An awfully slow writer, I tend to take my time with my scenarios and stories
  2. welcome to fy!kk, your #1 source for updates on exo's honey bear, kim jongin! this blog only posts unwhitewashed fantaken photos/fancams. please do not edit fansite.
  3. suk; back hyeryun; baek jaehyun; baek seungjo

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How could a picture like this exist????? credit to @KenDID_LOVE on Twitter. Thank you everyone for supporting this blog despite us being so inactive on it Focus sessions are comprised of several invited talks on emerging or hot issues of physics sub-fields. Session titles and organizers of focus sessions for upcoming. VIXX (Posições) VIXX da direita para esquerda em pé: Ravi, Hyuk, Leo, Hongbin, N e Ken. (2012 - presente) IntegrantesNome artístico Nome de nascimento Data de.


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After the near to death experience the kim twins dad asked them to help him fulfill his promise by making them marry two people who are complete strangers to them